Parallel Sessions

Session 1. Inference with Complex Data
Session 2. Advances in Statistical Machine Learning
Session 3. Big Data Thinking and Application
Session 4. Statistical Methods for Data with Complex Structures
Session 5. Statistical Learning for Complex Data
Session 6. Recent Developments in Statistical Theory and Computational Methods
Session 7. Learning from Data+Mind
Session 8. Recent Advances in Large-scale Inference
Session 9. Big Data and Operations
Session 10. Modern Computational Statistic
Session 11. Knowledge Graphs
Session 12. TBA (about Graphs) 
Session 13. Big Data and Education
Session 14. Big Data Analytics
Session 15. Big Multimedia Analysis, Indexing, and Search
Session 16. AI Meets Big Data
Session 17. Brain-inspired AI
Session 18. Algorithm Foundation of Data Science I
Session 19. Algorithm Foundation of Data Science II
Session 20. 医学大数据与智慧医疗
Session 21. Text Understanding and Knowledge Base
Session 22. TBA


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